26 July 2016

Blackbird Hits Glass Window North of Valentine

A male Red-winged Blackbird hit a big pane of glass at a shack on the north edge of Valentine on Saturday July 16th. The impact was a loud and obvious smack from my vantage point just inches away on the interior inside of the glass pane. The stricken bird was then seen and found lying on the ground among the vegetation. It remained there for a time and then was no longer present within 30 minutes.

This is not the first bird strike to occur at this big window of the scene, though it is the first time that the victim remained, and the result could be documented.

Blackbirds are prevalent at this locality. Another species that has been known to smash into this window is the Orchard Oriole.

Most of the local birds seen and appreciated are hither and yon among the horse pens and the North Lake Shore Hills.