08 September 2016

Response to District 43 Legislator Column

Jim Ducey. September 1, 2016. Letter to the editor. Grant County News 132(5): 4.

The so-called most recent district news from Al Davis, is a blatant representation of a politician in action. He starts his column with what he has done to promote wind turbine development via state legislation to promote. He finishes with more words indicating the need that counties need to make the decision.

What is it Senator Davis? You promote wind energy via state measures – as you seemingly represent your constituents - then go to a local meeting where county commissioners are present, yet say nothing to the dozens at the public venue.

Do you not have the verve to address the residents which you supposedly represent? You say in your opiniation that the speakers only represented one side of the view. Yet, you said nothing to the attendees, although you did apparently speak to those few that directly asked you questions.

If anyone such as you and others convey or promote a view, please have the ability to speak in public and let people know your perspective.

One item of interest is where you stand in regards to the OLO Ranch property in southwest Cherry county. An item you mention in your opposition is the 54,000 acres development in Holt county where Warren Buffett is taking advantage of tax subsidies, as others have documented. Isn’t that about the approximate size of the holdings you inherited from your elders, who created the ranch based upon cattle and range land. I’m don't know what Essie Davis would think about wind turbines spread across the land where she looked out to see the large herds of cattle she raised to live on.

Do you, Sen. Davis, hope to place multiple turbines there in the north Hyannis country of southwest Cherry county? Do you even ranch now, or have any cattle and personally harvest hay each summer? It seems that you are just a proponent for views that fit your legislative perspective.

Please explain how you are representing the people, as the job of every governmental representative is to speak for the people, not the government.

Are you a member of the Cherry County Wind Energy Association? Answer this question and let the public know the reality of your perspective. Are your views based upon some potential personal profit? Have you voted for legislation that will put money in your pocket? Do you promote powerlines so that any power developed in the western Cherry county will be placed on the national electrical grid so local features are diminished by access lines, turbine towers, substations and industrial powerlines?

Looking further at your political essay, when will you cite references for the facts you refer to? Details without a factual basis are nothing more than an opinion! Show Nebraska residents the facts on how Holt county will benefit, rather than citing statistics you pulled from some unknown source.

Ending your public opinion article by stating the need for local decisions, once again indicates your lack of effort on the local level. How have you been actively involved in discussions with county commissioners in Cherry county? How in Grant county, or anywhere else within your district?

Local involvement is obviously a necessity, but has no worth based upon opinions of many useless words in a newspaper, actions on a state level which do not represent district communities, as well as a complete failure to convey what the situation is on your own property in Cherry county.

By the way Sen. Davis, you did not even care enough about this community event to compliment the wonderful cookies provided by volunteers.