30 June 2017

Wren Antics

Two small bits of feathered birds have been very busy continuing their seasonal presence at a north Valentine space which is their particular place. They are an established pair of House Wrens that have been together for weeks since an early spring arrival. He still sings from a horse shed roof while she feeds the young and might gather one twig or more for a nest in a medium-sized pipe with a nice suitably-sized entrance to a sheltered haven where eggs were laid because it was a safe-space to raise young.

For some weeks now the pair has been caring for their family of this breeding season. Mr. Wren is being attentive to making sure their birdly home is safe from any adjacent wrens that have any intent to impose on his seasonal residence. He sings, especially in the morning, as that is when so many birds express their presence, and as the day continues, he gets busy during foraging efforts to find some bit of an insect to provide to incessant and hungry youngsters. Mrs. Wren is especially very active in the neighborhood and has been very busy all day to make certain that eggs were kept warms and then nestlings are well fed from results of local forays.

The dynamic duo tend their nest all day, as obvious from my short distance away vantage place near where they fly with extent here and there. Activities are prominent these tiny mites search for forage, while other nearby wild birds are also taking care of demanding young.

Was it the same pair that nested at this same place last year? No matter, another generation was the result of such attentive care for their progeny this breeding season.

Most recently the nest builder of the duo found a nice bit of a stick to add to the nest. It was thought to be the right size, yet there was a problem that became readily apparent. While carefully grasped in the beak, multiple efforts were made to get the woody thing placed at home. Various angles did not work despite one turn or another of the wren’s head. Finally the too long stick was dropped to the ground.

Mrs. Wren did make sure to dart into the family abode until quickly departing on the day’s tasks. The antics of the morning of 29 June, after a mid-night bit of rain were a wonderful expression of a fresh morning as the wrens were attentive as they continued efforts of this particular wild bird season.