21 June 2018

Industrial Development Stopped Upon Avia

Galactic Year 102018. Based upon a release of information by the Avia Federation.

A decision to continue the entirety of the planet of Avia as a preserve for avians recently occurred, thus halting plans by an interplanetary developer to establish a mining operation on the planet, located in the Andromeda cosmos.

Their request was denied, following a decision by the Queen of Light.

Avia is a planet dedicated to the preservation of birds in the many habitats of the natural ecosystem encompassing the entire planet, with very few research monitoring outposts, as supported by a galactic community of contributors.

Another recent attempt to establish an industrial presence by a mining conglomerate of a nearby planet, and known to establish operations wherever they could to make a profit was stopped, with essential intergalactic assistance and arbitration required.

The ephemeral Queen of Light arrived with her assistant, the Princess of Light, along with a delegation that included several Angels of Light to indicate that any decision would be enforced. Each of them were prominent yet hard to see.

Following her arrival and once suitably settled in the planetary administrative building, readings of the will of planetary residents and others within the stellar realm occurred multiple times. The Queen of Light – with her supreme powers of empathy and understanding – then presented a diagram indicating multiple boxes of different colors that conveyed the preference for what should occur. The graphic figure was prominent and distinctive in a singular perspective, with protection the preferred option.

While the delegation was upon Avia, multiple attempts were made by parties associated with the development entity, to thwart the arbitration. An attempt to block the solar light to diminish stellar power failed in its effort to inhibit efforts to understand the pulse of the planet.

The decision was obvious, with the majority rejecting the industrial proposal. The planetary land would continue to be a space where birds should would thrive, and any contrary efforts would be prohibited.

Just a few years ago, there was a battle at the central headquarters of the Avia Federation, at its headquarters situated upon a vast grassland plain. An attack by pirate spacecraft was repulsed during a single-day confrontation. Damage did occur to the single administrative building on the planet.

Avia is about half the size of Sol – the sun of Gaia – but the forcible effort to impose industrialization was thwarted.

This fight was an initial intergalactic effort – involving a party from Gaia, within the Milky Way and having an appropriate resume – helped with tactics based upon the reality of knowing birds and what could be done to repel the invaders. The result was a cooperative agreement that the planet would solely be a vast landscape of myriad floral habitats where birds would thrive and survive in abundance.

The fight indicated a victory and definitive decision to get bird conservation enacted on a planetary scale with an official designation by cosmic administration officials that Avia would be a bird haven where any artificial constructs would not be acceptable.

An edict has been issued by the intergalactic council to indicate the planet is being managed for the benefit of thousands of different sorts with habitats and a plan where so many sorts of birds survive and thrive. The planet has a multitude of habitats, including oceans and islands, multiple sorts of forests, many different lakes, riverine woods, wetlands and prairies, as well as other spaces.

No details are available from any chronicles of the Milky Way to indicate the many thousands of sorts of avians that dwell upon Avia. There is no bird guide available. Information that might become available in the future may convey additional specifics for this planetary ecosystem.

There could be a multitude of knowledge to indicate "species" of avians present on Avia. There are no known surveys that would be helpful.