26 July 2009

Martin Situations on a Saturday Evening Midtown

An increased number of Purple Martins gathered at the midtown Omaha roost continues to provide some splendid views. Several hundred can be seen first, gathered on the wires at 41st Street and the alley. Lots of antics to watch!

Purple Martins on the wires and other power-line structures.

As it gets closer to 9 p.m., local time, the swarms of birds can be seen about in the sky-space. This includes bunches of Common Grackles making their way onto the scene, and hordes of European Starlings with their invasive approach.

Evening sky at the midtown bird roost. Each spot in the sky is a bird, in this digitally rendered image.

The first window-strike of the season was found after the evenings roost activity. There was also a disabled grackle on the access road.

Carcass beneath the east, central portion of the skywalk from Kiewit Tower to Clarkson Doctors Building South, at 44th Street, on the campus of the Nebraska Medical Center. All photographs taken July 25, 2009.

This is a carcass present on Monday morning, July 27th. It is likely the same carcass that was present Saturday night, but had been thrown into a landscaping area about 3-4 feet from its original, obvious spot in the drive at the top of the steps.

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