30 July 2009

New Species of Bulbul Discovered in Laos

A new species of bulbul was recently discovered by scientists investigating remote and rugged habitat in Laos.

"Dubbed the 'Bare-faced Bulbul' because of the lack of feathers on its face and part of its head, it is the only example of a bald songbird in mainland Asia" according to scientists with the World Conservation Society. "It is the first new species of bulbul – a family of about 130 species – described in Asia in over 100 years."

The species is described in an article published in the July issue of Forktail, a journal issued by the Oriental Bird Club. "Authors include Iain Woxvold of the University of Melbourne, along with Wildlife Conservation Society researchers Will Duckworth and Rob Timmins."

"The expedition that discovered the bird was financed by MMG, a copper and gold mining company operating in the region."

The bird is named for its mostly bald head as seen in a picture.

Further information is available at the society's web page.

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