06 November 2009

Qwest Profits in Millions - Nothing to Stop Bird-Strikes

Despite a reported $3.5 million profit during the past fiscal year, the Qwest Center Omaha still continues to apparently do nothing to reduce the extent of bird strikes at this facility, in downtown near the Missouri riverfront.

There have been more than 225 known bird strikes during the past two years, mostly on the west side of the building managed by the Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority board.

This structure open in 2003.

With an average of 125 strikes per year, there have likely been at least 800 bird strikes that have occurred between 2004 through late autumn 2009.

The extent of bird strikes is currently unknown as MECA officials now require that building security remove - early each morning - any bird casualties found near the western glass wall of the structure.

The Qwest Center Omaha is owned by the City of Omaha.

"During each of the past two years, the center has generated about $3.7 million in operating profit. That money and past profits have been used to build a $12 million reserve fund."

This information was reported in the local newspaper on November 9, 2009. The money will be used for renovations such as replacing carpet, new wallpaper, new seat covers and a new scoreboard in coming years.

"It takes a lot of time and a lot of labor to keep this facility up," said Dixon [president of the Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority board].

It also takes a lot of time and a lot of effort to avoid any responsibility for the deaths of hundreds of birds.

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