06 November 2009

Waterfowl Migration Shown by DU Map

An interactive map developed and supported by Ducks Unlimited is being used to show the current migration of waterfowl.

"As we seek to engage and provide value to our members, we have found that applications, such as the migration map, truly provide that value people are looking for," said Anthony Jones, director of internet services for DU. "We realize that the majority of our supporters and members are waterfowl hunters. As such, we know that these hunters have a specific interest in migration patterns and information during the season."

"The DU Migration map is made up of user-submitted reports of waterfowl activity in a given geographic area," according to the Frequently Asked Questions page for the map.

Information is presented for a particular location, with a few words about the waterfowl activity. Reports are available from across the continental United States, with a greater number available from the eastern states.

"Any visitor to the DU Web site may submit a report," the FAQ says. "We encourage everyone to participate to make the map as effective and useful as possible."

"We encourage anyone who is passionate about waterfowl, bird watching or migration patterns to submit reports regularly to the map."

A separate map provides reports on different fowl hunts.

"We encourage users to add comments about their observation or waterfowl encounter," the FAQ says. "For example, if you observed waterfowl during a hunt, feel free to add your take on the hunting experience, which species you saw, or any other related commentary."

"At the end of the day, we believe that if we can provide additional value to our members – in addition to the conservation work we do as our mission – we will retain those members for longer periods of time," Jones said. "As a result, we’ll be stronger financially, thus enabling us to provide even 'on the ground' conservation work that will benefit waterfowl, wildlife and hunters alike."

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