18 June 2010

A Pictorial Memorial of a June Day at La Platte Bottoms

With sunny skies to start the summer's day, a visit was made to the La Platte Bottoms on June 18th. It was a fine morning to get a look at one the last June days for this place, which will soon be dramatically changed with the construction of a huge highway and an equally imposing interchange and access roads.

View to the southwest.

View to the south.

A southerly view.

A view to the southeast.

A view to the northwest, from the west side of Harlan Lewis Drive.

A view to the northwest, from La Platte Road, east of Harlan Lewis Drive.

A view of the crop field on the west side of Harlan Lewis Drive.

A view of the wetland area on the south side of La Platte Road, showing the La Platte water tower in the background.

The Interstate-type highway alignment as developed and approved by bureaucrats, will slice right through the middle of the best wetland spot at this locale.

The 21 species noted in the early morning visit were: Canada Goose (2 observed), Wood Duck (2), Mallard (4), Hooded Merganser (2), Wild Turkey (1 heard in the woods to the south), Pied-billed Grebe (5), Great Blue Heron (4), Great Egret (4), American Coot (2), Killdeer (a minimal count of 8), Least Tern (1), Mourning Dove (1), Eastern Kingbird (2), Blue Jay (1 heard in the nearby woods), Cliff Swallow (a minimal number of 15), American Robin (2 heard in the nearby woods), Dickcissel (2), Red-winged Blackbird (10, and more), Eastern Meadowlark (1), Yellow-headed Blackbird (1), and Common Grackle (at least 20).

The egrets and herons were probably after some of the numerous frogs present.

Lots of dragon flies were along the wetland's edge.

A grackle that was found dead along the county road. It was probably struck by a motor vehicle, and shows what happens a bird at a wetland split by a road.

This was the final view of the morning, showing the storm clouds moving in from the northwest. It seemed to be an apt metaphor for the impending, dark changes which will be occurring at this place.

R.I.P. La Platte Bottoms.

The La Platte Bottoms on June 18, 2010. View looking west.