09 May 2011

Omaha Officials Inconsiderate of Trees

The following pictures indicate how city of Omaha officials consider trees. In both cases, the trees did not receive any consideration, but action was taken to where they were either removed or the setting ruined.

At Hummel Park, work continues to install a frisbee golf course. There is little consideration being given to the current forest setting. Further changes which can be expected will be planting of some other sorts of vegetation at the tee boxes and along the fairway to replace the natural condition of the forest floor. Trash cans will be placed along the trail, as apparently frisbee golf course players are too lazy to hold onto their trash and take it with them.

There will be large concrete pads installed to serve as the tee spots. They will not be minimal by using mulch or something more compatible with the woodland setting, but will be large in order to meet some criteria needed for the course to meet course guidelines so this "new course" can be a sanctioned course.

According to the people doing the work, it is being done in a manner that "will enhance the environment." One of the guys said that it would either be a frisbee golf course or dead bodies. And: the situation "has to get worse before it can get better." They also mentioned they would like to build a mountain bike course in the park.

Their comments are inane as they blindly continue to ruin what Omaha Parks and Recreation officials have called a "jewel of the park system."

It certainly is fast losing any rational for this recognition based on activities in the northern park of the area.

Would the mountain bike route use the southern extent of the park so the entire area is subject to ruination and intrusive uses which are ruining the flora and increasing the disturbance to an extent to drive away wild birds?

The following pictures were taken on May 7, 2011 at Hummel Park.

Note how the deadfall wood - a natural part of any forest - has been artificially piled and the extent of the vegetative clearing; and the bare condition of the soil. Nearby there was trash lying about, and an errant piece of plywood.

Note the cleared and mown "fairway" northward from the container.

These four trees were cutdown the morning of May 9, 2011 at the south plaza of the Omaha/Douglas Civic Center. Apparently this is some sort of repair work to be done and the tress must have been in the way. Obviously they were planted to provide some landscaping, but when work needs to be done, the decision was made to just cut them done.