10 May 2011

A Thousand Birds Strikes at Metro Omaha

As of 10 May 2011, there have been more than 1000 bird strikes at buildings associated with the Metro Omaha area.

There were seven known strikes documented this morning, which take the overall count to 1002.

The instances today when a few species struck hazardous glass were:

Qwest Center Omaha
two Lincoln's Sparrows and two Clay-colored Sparrows on the west side of the structure; translucent decals placed higher up on the extensive glass surface are being ineffective; the birds are striking the glass at a lower level where there are no decals
Union Pacific Center
Common Yellowthroat on the east end of the north side

This yellowthroat record gets the dubious honor of officially being strike instance No. 1000!

Gottschalk Center of the Omaha World-Herald company
Mourning Warbler at the north end of the west side
1200 Landmark Center
Lincolns Sparrow on the north side of the central atrium; the still warm bird had struck the glass on the west side and southward end, near the doorway

Each bird strike casualty is considering a taking under the auspices of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, and thus each instance is a violation of this federal law.