02 November 2011

Autumn Pictorial - Spring Lake Park

A visit was made to Spring Lake Park in south Omaha to see what autumn birds were about on November 1, 2011. There weren't many birds, but it was a nice day and the autumn colors were vibrant.

Debris dumped in the north part of the park.
With the many tires usually about this park, it should almost be called tire park!

Former ball field which will be made into a stormwater detention basin (i.e., a wetland).

Illegal fire site.

Fishing tackle box abandoned at the south spring, the largest in the park. What might they have been fishing for?

The following two images indicate the results of unfettered stormwater runoff from the corner at 18th and G Streets. The resultant erosional rift - more than 20 feet deep and a prominent park hazard - among the forest trees has been ongoing for years, and the Public Works department has never addressed the problem.

Perhaps a local resident is trying to build a facility for a tire business.

This is a view of the area where there was a fishing pond constructed in 1931, according to a newspaper article of the era.

Water stream from a north spring. The robins - and other birds - enjoy this water for drinking and bathing, especially during the winter when few other water sources are available. This spring and others would be inundated by a pond.