21 November 2011

Omaha Nature Center Continues as Hazard

Officials of Omaha Parks Recreation and Public Property department have not yet addressed the window situation at the Hummel Park Nature Center, among the woods used by many sorts of birdlife.

The large windows on the north side, still do not have anything in place to create a visual barrier, to prevent any bird strikes. Officials have said they would be putting something in place to achieve this, but nothing has been done yet, despite their indications.

This is a view of the building on November 20, 2011. Note the reflective character of the glass.

Barriers over the windows which were to be used according to the building's design, will not be available until mid-January.

February Update

This is a photograph of the Hummel Park Nature Center taken Saturday afternoon, February 11th. Obviously the city officials claim that blinds would be in place by mid-January was wrong. This was obviously a false claim!

It was a weak design decision to incorporate something into a building's features that is not even readily available.