11 January 2012

Contractors Deface Trees at Omaha Park

Private contractors working for the city of Omaha were found to be defacing trees in Spring Lake Park on January 10th. They were responsible for mapping trees larger than nine inches diameter, and used the paint to indicate those which had been done. Both guys claimed the paint was temporary, but could not indicate how long it would remain.

They would not consider using an option which would be completely temporary and not deface the trees in the city park.

Vehicle driven by the two guys defacing trees in the park

Dozens of trees had been vandalized with a slash.

Opposition and displeasure to the use of paint was subsequently expressed at the downtown office of the Public Works Department, which is responsible for the activity, associated with the CSO! project pending for the park.

It was found out later that the contractor had been told to use some temporary mark, such as plastic ribbon that could be removed once the survey was done. A Public Work employee did inform the contractor that the use of spray paint was to be stopped immediately.

The two guys responsible for defacing the trees, as well as their supervisor that okayed the use of paint, should have to atone for their actions. They should each spend four hours picking up trash in Spring Lake Park.