04 January 2012

Snowy Owls in Northern Nebraska Sandhills

Snowy Owls have been reported numerous times in Nebraska in recent weeks, with most reports from eastern Nebraska, and the Missouri River valley.

After an inquiry to contacts in the sandhills region, details were received on two sightings, both on December 31, 2011.

Lynn Borysenko noted one about two miles south of Bassett and another west of Ainsworth, and about two miles north by the Bejot feed lot.

Snowy Owl near Bassett. Photograph by Lynn Borysenko and used with permission. (c) 2011 Lynn Borysenko.

Weather conditions were not ideal for taking the photograph, as "it was raining, windy, and close to dark," she said.

These two sighting have not been reported elsewhere. There was a sighting on November 25, 2001 which was also in the vicinity of Bassett.

On January 6th, a snowy owl was observed two miles west and one mile south of O'Neill, by Doug Frahm.