21 February 2012

Game Dinner - A Great Chicago Feed

The famous host of the Old Tremont, and more recently of the Grand Pacific hotel, Chicago, has just given his twenty-fifth annual game dinner, and the bill of fare is a wonderful exhibit of the capabilities of the Chicago markets. Mr. Drake's guests, this year, were required to discuss the following:

Blue Point oysters in shell.

Soup — Game, venison broth.

Fish — Black bass, brook trout.

Animals — Loin of buffalo, saddle of black-tail deer, leg of elk, saddle of mountain sheep, red deer, saddle of black bear, leg of black bear, saddle of antelope, loin of moose, coon, woodchuck, opossum, red squirrel, black squirrel, jack rabbit, English hare, Mountain bison, gray squirrel, fox squirrel, striped squirrel, American rabbit.

Boiled potatoes, turnips, onions, mashed potatoes, spinach, celery, baked sweet potatoes, sweet corn, succotash lima beans.

Forest birds — Wild turkey, cedar hen, Spruce grouse, pheasant, partridge, prairie chicken, quail, blackbirds, Virginia partridge, Red-winged starling, pigtail grouse, ruffed grouse, Carolina dove.

Marsh birds — Jack snipe, sand snipe, yellow-leg plover, golden plover, kildeer plover, sand peep, Wilson snipe, least sandpiper, rice birds, reed birds, Dunlin sandpiper, rail, curlew, sand-hill crane.

Wild goose, Canada goose, Laughing goose, Canvas back duck, Black duck, Mallard duck, Coot, Brant, Red-neck Grebe, Longtail duck, Hooded, Merganser duck, Green-winged duck, Blue-winged Teal, Blue-bill Widgeon, Red-neck duck, Ringed neck duck, Wood duck, Gadwald duck, Pintail duck, Cormorant duck, Shoveler duck, Scoop duck, Ruffle-headed duck, Butterball duck, Dusky duck, Gray duck, Arctic goose, stewed terrapin cases, green turtle steak, Burgundy sauce, oyster patties, frogs fried in crumbs.

The pride of the forest — the coon on watch, the happy family, the ranch cottage, the hunter at home, boned snipe with truffles, sand-hill crane in marsh, quail en socle, red-winged starling en arbor, boned ducks in feather, prairie chicken in nest, woodcock running, partridge in plumage, fox squirrel au natural.

Lobster salad, Shrimp salad, dressed lettuce.

Charlotte Russe, chocolate macaroons, wine jelly, pudding a la Margarine, fancy cakes, confectionery, candied fruit, Bon-bons, assorted.

Apples, oranges, California plums, Catawba grapes, Concord grapes, Tokay grapes, Muscat grapes, pears, figs, raisins, Vanilla ice cream, Neapolitan ice cream, punch a la Romaine, nuts.

Cheese, biscuit, coffee.

November 23, 1880. Lancaster Daily Intelligencer 17(72): 1. Issued in Pennsylvania. There are no Chicago newspaper issues online to review for any further details.