27 February 2012

Pigeons for a Pittance at New York Market

Two reports from the mid-1700s indicate the vast number of wild pigeons sold at the markets of New York. Both are from April.

The number of Passenger Pigeons sold was simply phenomenal, and the details are for just one market area, with a myriad of markets in other places offering the same bird as a commodity.

"One day last Week, upwards of 75,000 Pidgeons were brought to this Market, insomuch that 50 was sold for one shilling."

This report was issued in 1759.

"Such great Quantities of Pigeons were brought to Market last week, that no less than 60 000 were sold off in one Day."

This report was issued in 1771.

These scattered reports provide a glimpse of the pigeon market, which was certainly more pervasive than is currently known.