05 April 2012

Failures at Omaha City Project

The Omaha Parks and Recreation has a project underway through a private contractor, to control erosion along Happy Hollow Creek, on the west side of Happy Hollow Boulevard. The creek borders a popular recreational trail.

Last Friday a portion of sidewalk was replaced, but there had been no further construction activity noted through mid-day on April 4th. A visit was made in the evening to document the situation with signage, and other items.

At least the porta-john (which has been tipped at least twice) and removed waddles have been hauled away and off the sidewalk. There were at least a dozen other "failures" associated with the project site, which despite the construction and signage, is still very much being used.

The city and its contractor have not suitably maintained the project details, and this is obvious in the following pictures.

1) Sign laying unused next to the street. It is surprising that some miscreant has not kicked it onto the boulevard.

2) Chunks of rock were used in the gabion baskets, and those as shown here were not been properly removed. This is now nothing more than debris.

3) An errant sign indicating the presence of a flagman, which obviously not been used for days.

4) Trail closed signage on the ground, rather than properly displaying its message.

5) A large barricade sign that has fallen over. This includes twisted wire which a frisky dog could easily get tangled into.

6) A pile of waste dirt.

7) Forms used to construct the sidewalk, just left setting around.

8) Unnecessary tree damage.

9) Another flagman present sign that is falsely indicating a traffic hazard. This was at the evening, long after typical work hours.

10) Trail closed signage readily bypassed by joggers and walkers.

11) Sign indicating road work when there is no such activity underway.

12) Jogger on the trail. In the foreground where the walk is dirty was where there had been a pile of waddles.

Instead of having the contractor work with the community, they simply imposed a situation upon the many users of the trail/walkway. Obviously the sidewalk/trail users are ignoring what the city would prefer.

It is just another example of poor leadership and management by city officials, and careless maintenance by the construction company. Signs should be dealt with daily. Any debris or unneeded materials should be removed by the end of the work day. Damaged trees should be replaced, etc.

Thankfully, once the barricades are installed — hopefully soon — this project will be completed!

Additional Creek Issues

The following are images of obstructions in the creek near where it goes into the culvert under Dodge Street. This situation was reported to city officials a couple of weeks ago, but there has been no response.

Note the erosion above the drain pipe outlet. Obviously there is a problem here, and there will soon be a hazardous hole.

Illegal Parking Ongoing

This lawn company rig parked illegally on the grass on the east side of Memorial Park was reported to the city on the day it was observed. The same rig was parked at the same place, one week later and about the same time. At least the second time it had its lights flashing.

Apparently city officials have been unable to make a call to get this stopped. Or perhaps they don't care?

Situation Update

While going along the same route 24 hours later — that would be 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 5th in particular — all of the signage was gone and it was a free ride. The string barricade remained as it was later last evening, on the west side of the sidewalk. The sidewalk forms were still present.

Obviously some city official got the point of this post, as also indicated in an email message sent to city administrators this morning.

Thanks to the person(s) paying attention, and for their efforts to make the trail/walkway once again a welcoming place for the neighborhood residents.

Time will convey how the creek obstructions might, if at all, be dealt with.

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