16 April 2012

Mottled Ducks in Missouri River Valley

The presence of two Mottled Duck at Forney Lake SWA in southwest Iowa has been an excitement for area fowl watchers. Several people have been to the wildlife area to see — or try to see — the unexpected pair.

A report of the occurrence was reported in the local newspaper, with a picture included.

Prior to the "stormageddon" on the 14th, the area was visited in the morning to see if the birds could be found. They might have been seen, but once noted they — like paparazzi can do — walked behind a muskrat mound and could no longer be seen. There was a huge variety of other waterfowl and songbirds also present, which made for an interesting outing.

Morning view of fowl amidst the fog at Forney Lake.

Saturday afternoon and evening, the area was blasted by a tornado and heavy rains. Area birders that visited on Sunday did not see the special pair of ducks, nor did they report any obvious bird mortality.

A second sighting of this species occurred on April 14th, near Sioux City, further northward in the Missouri River Valley.

An apparent female was observed by Bill Huser, at New Lake, along the Port Neal Power Plant entrance road. He noted plumage features but was unable to get an extensive view as the bird also moved to where it could no longer be seen.

These are the first sightings of this species in the river valley, and with two sightings at distant places, it is possible that they might also occur elsewhere.

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