16 May 2012

Feather Flowers New Branch of Industry

A new branch of industry has been started in Florida, which bids fair to prove exceedingly remunerative. It is the manufacture of feather flowers, that will not fade or change color under any circumstances. The flowers are made of the plumage of the white heron, while the leaves are taken from the paroquet. They are unusually rich and attractive, and need only to be seen to be appreciated. Some of these flowers are made of the dove-colored crane's plumage, for ladies who no longer claim the privileges and gayety of youth, and others again are manufactured for those who are in half mourning, the jetty blackness of certain portions of the work contrasting elegantly with the snow white purity of the other.

Weekly Columbus Enquirer 44(44): 4. Issued October 29, 1872. From Exchange.