05 May 2012

Window Decal Replacement at CenturyLink Center

Decals on the expanse of windows on the west side of the CenturyLink Center are being replaced.

A crew including two portable lifts and three men washed the windows, and at the same time, replaced the decals placed on the glass some time ago to deter bird-strikes.

The cost of the decal replacement is not known, but it certainly is an expense added to the window washing expense as it requires additional effort and time. For each section of glass, the old decals are scrapped off, the window washed, and new square decals put in place.

Work started on Monday, April 30.

The board of Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority certainly approved the effort, including the additional expense of decal maintenance.

This effort is commendable, but its efficacy is questionable as bird strikes continue to regularly occur at this building.

The obvious reason: there are no decals or other measures sufficient to deter bird strikes for the lowest section of glass, to a height of approximately 20 feet.

A hazardous situation for birds occurs at the CenturyLink Center Omaha because of the tree and ground cover plantings just far enough west of the structure that birds are attracted to the foliage, and then when ready to fly-along, have sufficient momentum to hit the glass — which reflects a scene of greenery — with deadly force.

As of May 1st, half of all of the known bird strikes in the Downtown Omaha area thus far for 2012 have occurred at the west side of the CenturyLink Center Omaha.

Prothonotary Warbler that struck the building glass on April 30, 2012.