13 June 2012

Purple Martins Return to Midtown Roost

Purple Martins have returned to their roost at the Nebraska Medical Center campus in midtown Omaha.

There were about 130 martins of different ages present the evening of June 12th. A few flying birds were noted first, and they were then seen gathered on the wires up near 40th Street. About dusk, they were flying in their wonderfully aerobatic way before alighting for the night in the trees along 44th Street, near Farnam Street.

The splendor of this yearly gathering will be appreciated and enjoyed by many local bird watchers. Last year, the martins were first noted at the roost on June 6th.

The banners on the skywalk windows have not yet been put in place by medical center officials.

An announcement of the return of the martins was given June 15th, in Nancy's Almanac on the Omaha World-Herald webpage.