10 June 2012

Spring - Poetry by Brother Ticknor

Br. F.O. Ticknor, Columbus, Ga.

A deeper azure where the clouds are flying
Along the upper sky —
A softer shadow where the heavens are lying
Oar forest pathway by —
A sweeter murmur in the south winds sighing
Tell us the Spring is nigh.
The blue bird flits, and coos the ring-dove tender
Amid the young green leaves;
Mansions of mist and silver white and slender
The shy wood spider weaves;
Swingeth the swallow to his old home under
The unforgotten eaves.
Its bridal wreaths with starry gems of yellow,
The jassmine's stores unfold,
Adown the tresses of the trembling willow
Dropping its bells of gold;
Fit tracery to deck the perfumed pillow
Where love's first dreams are told.
A thousand forms, like frolic children hiding,
Challenge the laughing showers,
Watching the flight of pearly clouds and chiding
The treasure-laden hours;
A thousand forms of untold beauty, budding
Amid the unborn flowers.
A thousand forms, and not in nature, nature only
The warm spring showers unfold;
Another mission - pure and calm and holy.
The voice of Spring has told,
Waking some joy on souls long sad and lonely,
Some hope in hearts long cold.
Some light from sunlight may our sadness borrow,
Some Strength from bright young wings;
Some hope from brightening reasons, when each morrow
A lovelier verdure brings;
Some softened shadow of remembered sorrow
From the calm depths of Spring.
Blend thy blest visions with the sleep that cumbers
The dull, cold earth so long;
Bring bloom and fragrance to the flow'ret's slumbers,
And bid our hearts by strong;
Breathe thine on music through our spirit's numbers,
Season of light and song.

April 20th, 1855.

April 21, 1876. Columbus Sunday Enquirer 20(97): 3.