07 August 2012

Rare and Unknown Autumn Bird, New York

Moriah Center.
Nov. 11.

— Adelbert Edwards shot a bird to-day, which must be of a rare kind, as we have never seen one of its specie before to our recollection. The principal color of the bird was a light steel, top of its head was a beautiful crimson, the rump and about half of the back marked with the same rich color. The breast and wings were curiously intermingled with a light yellow. It measured, from the end of the beak to the tip of the tail, nine inches, and across the back, from the tip of one wing to the tip of the other, twelve inches. The head and upper part of the beak was similar to that of a parrot. Can any one of the readers of the Republican give us the name of such a bird?

November 19, 1874. Essex County Republican 35(8): 3. The correspondent was writing from Essex County, New York.