01 August 2012

Wild Geese - Prairie Country, Lamporte, Ia.

Wild Geese. — A most singular advantage has been taken of these wild fowls on the prairies in this country. We understand, during the late rain and sleet storm, large flocks of wild geese were so completely frozen over that their wings became useless appendages, and they were compelled to "take to their heels" for their only chance of escape from the eager pursuer, and, during this helpless and forlorn condition, large flocks of them were captured. The old saying is, "when the sky falls we shall catch larks;" but a new and more probable one now, when the sleet falls we can catch geese. — Lamporte (Ia.) Whig.

Highland Messenger 2(33): 2. Issued February 18, 1842 at Asheville, North Carolina.

This is a significant article as it is the first known newspaper article about wild birds in the state of Iowa. The next one known, is from 1854 and has notes from Franklin county, as found in a Pennsylvania newspaper.

However, despite using online search options, the specific locality of Lamporte could not be determined. A probable place is La Porte City, in Black Hawk county, as suggested by a contact in Iowa with an interest in historic bird records for the state.