14 November 2012

Bird Window-strike Instance Number 1500

On a March date in 2007, while walking about campus, a dead bird on the sidewalk did lay along my way. Why is this, was my thought, and how was it wrought? Looking above, it was obvious to perceive, that the glass of walkway the robin did not see. It was an obvious result, vividly conveyed that day.

There on the campus of UNL, further window-strikes were seen about the same landscaped scene.

The venue of interest changed in 2008 to the urban setting along the Missouri River, and after five years, the results make me shiver. Dead and disabled birds here and there, typically upon the urban sidewalks in east Omaha, the results which statistics lay bare.

On November 14th while looking about, the latest window-strike is something worth a shout. The song sparrow, small and lifeless, struck some glass and ended up dead, with its carcass forlorn upon pebbles and rocks, and another view seen with ongoing dread.

Window-strike instance number 1500, Song Sparrow at Gottschalk Freedom Center.

There are not enough words to be said on this topic, but for building owners, their concern is myopic. Hundreds of birds die in each Omaha season, with similar events to occur regularly in each future year, without any reason.

Deaths of wild birds are an important concern, and the dangers of which people need to learn.

Every window-strike is certainly a tragedy, and typically the end of a life of wild bird majesty.

A couple of days earlier, another bird did die, its carcass found with a sigh. It was a snipe carcass at the CenturyLink place, found with bloody mark on its face. The feathers were all brown and vivid, but the death is enough to make a person livid.

Dead Wilson's Snipe at the CenturyLink Center Omaha. 10 November 2012.

The extent of window-strikes in Omaha is well denoted, with 1500 instances now particularly noted. It is a situation which needs some revision, due to the alternate view of every bird's vision. Any effort to change to situation has great potential, because if something is not done, the deaths will continue in a manner quite torrential.

So many deaths and so much suffering impact so many species and individuals which once had life, the results troublesome and resulting in strife. A federal agency is legally responsible through the MBTA for the protection of nearly every bird, but their lack of action on this national tragedy is quite absurd.

Feathers of a Canada Goose killed by power lines adjacent to Carter Lake, within Levi Carter Park. 14 November 2012. This strike was seen as it happened, the bird flopping around on the grass in the moments before it died.