19 January 2013

An Eagle With a Sleigh Bell

On the 22nd of December, 1884, a large bald-headed eagle was noticed at Cortlandt, a town in Westchester County. It attracted much attention, because it had about its neck a sleigh bell, the ringing of which could e distinctly heard by all who saw it. On Saturday last the New-London Telegram reported the capture of a bald-headed eagle wearing a sleigh bell about its neck at Old Lynn, Conn. It is supposed that the bird was the same one which gave a surprise to Westchester County people. The same bird occasioned much consternation along the southern shore of Connecticut, in the vicinity of Niantic and Lynn. Fishermen and sailors have for about two years past been both startled and mystified by hearing a bell ringing in the air above them, and until the capture of this eagle and its queer adornment no satisfactory explanation of the sound has ever been given.

March 18, 1886. New York Times.