23 January 2013

Bald Eagle Eats a Squirrel in the Neighborhood

It was a really cold day in the Carthage neighborhood when a wandering squirrel caught the attention of a mighty eagle soaring in the skies.

The little animal was then caught by a Bald Eagle, which fed upon the carcass at a small open space on the north side of the neighborhood, in the middle of east Omaha.

Nearby, as seen by an attentive watcher, another eagle was perched upon the chain-link fence.

This perspective is based upon comments by a working resident in the neighborhood. at the local convenience store at 49th and Hamilton Street. Someone called the clerk on Monday, to convey that there were some big birds outside the window of their nearby apartment.

Walt, at the store, knows about eagles. During many transitory discussions, several have been in regards to bald eagles and video-cams at nest places, which have been enjoyed by his family members. So, Walt knows what a bald eagle look likes. And there they were, two large eagles with white heads, just a short distance from the back door of the store. It was an especially significant time, as he had never been so close to these birds.

On this particular Monday, Walt expressed the essential details to indicate this surprising occurrence. Though these birds had already been seen a few times in the air-space of the neighborhood., their occurrence on the ground is certainly unusual.

For two to linger amidst the completely urban neighborhood is certainly a dramatic occurrence. Apparently they also got some consideration by residents, and were not disturbed or chased away!

Empty lot habitat used by Bald Eagles.