22 May 2013

Highly Reflective Glass Being Used at Gavilon Building

A highly reflective exterior glass is currently being installed on the north side of the Gavilon building under construction along Capitol Avenue in downtown Omaha. During several recent early morning visits, the reflective character of the glass was readily obvious as objects associated with the nearby city-scape, including small pigeons atop a building across the street, could be clearly seen, though they were only a reflection of a some associated place.

Reflective glass is known to create a hazardous situation for migratory birds, especially when landscaping features are included adjacent or nearby. What may appear as vegetative growth, as apparent upon the glass surface is actually a danger. Birds will think there is tree foliage available to land within, and then, instead, strike the glass and either be killed or temporarily disabled.

"To help minimize collision risks, we plan to incorporate low to mid-reflective, tinted glass with gradient frit detail or solid glazing," said Robert Jones, chief administrative officer of the Gavilon Group, L.L.C. in a previous story.

Despite claims to the contrary, the type of glass being used thus far on the upper extent of the north exterior will likely create another hazard for migratory wildbirds in downtown Omaha. It is not yet apparent the type of glass to be used on the lower level.

Three emails were sent to about this matter to the company president during the past week There was no reply.

It would be expected that bird mortality may occur as soon as this autumn, during the fall migration season, as the exterior, glass facade on the north side of the building should apparently be completely constructed by then.

Reflective glass condition as seen on May 14.

Reflective glass condition as seen on May 21.