17 May 2013

Trashing Wildbirds at CenturyLink Center Omaha

Bird mortality continues to occur at the CenturyLink Center Omaha, especially in the past few days of this May, 2013.

A response to the mortality is indicative.

Within the past week, there have been four instances of bird carcasses being found in different trash receptacles along the west facade of the building. The known records, obvious without "sifting" through the trash, are:

  1. 11 May: Yellow Warbler throw into a trash receptacle at the southern extent of the west side (as reported previously, and with a picture)
  2. 15 May: female Indigo Bunting, near the southern extent of the west wall
  3. 16 May: a male Common Yellowthroat and a Gray Catbird found in two different trash receptacles on the morning of May 17th. Both of these birds had apparently been killed by striking the glass on the previous date, the carcasses were seen, and then and then disposed of to ensure they were not present at any future time, including the survey the next morning.

Rather than address the issue, and despite any letters sent by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to assist in reducing mortality of wildbirds, it is certainly much easier to just throw carcasses into the trash.

An additional Common Yellowthroat carcass found the morning of May 16th, at the west side of the CentryLink Center Omaha.

Security staff associated with the Qwest Center Omaha were observed throwing bird carcasses into trash receptacles at this building, in both September and October 2009.

Oriole Suffering

One of the worst instances of a bird suffering from a window-strike at this building was obvious early on the morning of May 16th. An Orchard Oriole, was found south of the southern most convention center entry, east of the north-facing entry on the west side of the building. There was not only blood dripping from its beak, but a few other drops nearby. This bird could not be rescued or taken to a safer space, because it flew away. Its prospects for survival seemed dismal, but its fate is not known.

This is only the second instance of an Orchard Oriole being a victim of a window-strike in eastern Omaha, in the period from May 2008.

A video clip shows the suffering condition of bird after striking glass at the most dangerous building for migratory birds in eastern Omaha.