25 September 2013

Annapolis Lighthouse Hazardous for Spring Migrants

We learn from Captain Roake, keeper of the light house at Thomas's Point, that in the height of a heavy gust of wind which occurred several hours before day on the 26th ult. a very numerous flock of birds, embracing many varieties, attracted by the light, flew against the lantern and building with so much violence as instantly to kill and stun hundreds of them. The Captain and his band thus taken unawares, were for a moment no little astonished, but quickly perceiving the cause of their surprise, recovered their presence of mind, and proceeded deliberately to select from amongst the dead and disabled assailants, such as they knew, from experience, would make a good broil, or could be converted into delectable pies. The flock consisted of wood cocks, red birds, yellow birds, Indian hens, swallows, owls, and other kind unknown to our informant.

Attack on Castle Roake. May 18, 1841. Gettysburg Star and Republican 12(8): 3. From the Annapolis Republican. Also June 3, 1841 in the Edgefield Advertiser 6(18): 1.