13 September 2013

Powerlines Kill Heron at Levi Carter Park

A dead Great Blue Heron was found on the mown grass west of the swings at the former beach area at Levi Carter Park. The carcass was found directly beneath the multiple powerlines on Friday morning, September 13, 2013.

It was a "fresh" carcass, as park maintenance staff had not yet removed it, and there was no prevalent bug scavenger activity noticed.

Rather than the carcass getting thrown into the trash as a means of disposal, it was instead placed among the nearby, shoreline vegetation of Carter Lake as a means of returning it to the world of nature in a more suitable manner.

This is the second instance of this sort within the same section of powerline corridor. A Canada Goose had been previously found no more than one hundred yards to the west. It also died within moments after it was seen hitting a strung line.