12 October 2013

An Evening Nighthawk at Carthage

It is late in autumn for nighthawks to occur
But based upon a vivid look there is no reason to demure,
It was a late season view of a nighthawk so profound
Which was an observation based upon reasons so sound,
Among the birds of an evening's flight
This species presence was more than slight,
It was a single nighthawk seen
Flitting southward over the Carthage scene,
Though it is rather late in the season,
For one to be seen there is no adverse reason
The lengthy wings and flight seemed to be characteristic,
But being seen far away the id may not have been distinctive.
With other birds prevalent among the skies of an October eve,
Wending their way onward and often only slightly seen,
The primary time watching above during the descending light,
Was observing antics of swifts in numbers not slight.
It is autumn and here are chimneys where they descend,
Which are places were a birders time might ascend.
Swifts can only be enjoyed with attention,
Based upon multiple observations to enforce retention.
Get out in the night and enjoy the sight,
Because the time will be time spent so right.
Written October 11, 2013 while on the scene.