11 October 2013

Swift Watching at Dundee Streetscape Dedication

On a fine October morning, many more than fifty people gathered at the corner of 50th Street and Underwood Avenue to recognize the completion of the Dundee streetscape improvement project.

Politicians talked. A local activist expressed their view. Contributors associated with the local utilities company, other contributors, etc. were also recognized by speakers the four primary speakers at the podium.

Above it all, the skies were a barren blue. Chimney swifts — the original bugeaters — coursed hither and yon up there following their natural proclivity to snag an edible morsel.

Several newly installed metallic benches have been placed at this corner. On this Thursday morning, there was the first instance when a local bird enthusiast sat down on one of these benches, and looked at the swifts in the skies above central Dundee.

Win Finegan, a local resident, was the first to appreciate the swifts as seen from these new Dundee benches. There were more than ten obvious to a watcher with the knowledge to see them going around the dome of the sky. She rode her bicycle to the morning's event. Also noticed, was one Turkey Vulture floating above the scene. Robins and grackles were also about.

During the morning, work was still underway on creating the rain garden at the same corner which will add additional flora diversity. The new trees put in place are now rather scrawny.

Win Finegan gazing up at the swifts overhead, from the comfort of one of the new streetscape benches.

The crowd at the dedication ceremony. More than 60 people attended.

Mary Romero speaking, and in the background, from right to left: Jean Stothert Mayor, and City council members Chris Jerram and Pete Festersen. New bicycle racks are visible in the background.

Mary Romero on top of the new landscape rock, that is now part of the corner setting.