10 January 2014

Bird-killing Business in Louisiana

The Lake Charles (La.) Echo says: "R.A. Sibley, of Edgerly, is shipping about 2500 bird skins per month to Newark, N.J. This is an industry which has lately been inaugurated in these parts, and promises to be of some importance. Mr. Sibley ships the skin of the jay, lark, snipe, crane, hawk, owl, black and other birds. The prices range from 5 to 12½ cents each. Our readers are aware that of late years bird feathers are being used much more than formerly for trimming purposes, hence the increased demand. As these birds are very destructive to the rice crops in injuring the stands, it is not such wanton waste as it would be were they killed alone for their plumes."

June 5, 1886. Bird-killing business. Sacramento Daily Record-Union 55(90): 1.