10 January 2014

Swan Captured at Washington D.C. Street

A few days ago, while Mr. Albert Gaines, of the quarter-master-general's office, was passing Louise Home, he observed a large white object flying over that building, when, suddenly striking a telegraph wire, it fell plump to the ground and proved to be a beautiful white swan. It was rather stunned by the collision and the fall, and fluttered vainly in an attempt to rise again; but after a struggle, in which on account of Mr. Gaines' slight proportions, it was doubtful whether the swan would get away with him or vice versa. It was captured unhurt, and is yet alive and thriving heartily. In the tussle, it flapped its wings viciously against Mr. G.'s head, demolishing a new Dunlap tile won on the Maine election and making severe scalp wounds. It is supposed that the swan, flying southward, missed sight of the wire, on account of its similarity in color to the expanse of snow beneath.

January 12, 1881. Washington D.C. Evening Star 57(8663): 1.