21 March 2014

Dirtwork Encroachment into Levi Carter Park to End

During recent visits to Levi Carter Park, it was noticed that at the southwest corner of what seems to obviously be park space, fresh dirt has been moved to bury the natural terrain. The dirt is associated with the 11th and Carter Lake Drive facility kept by the City of Omaha. By comparing aerial photographs available online, the northern extend of this facility has been steadily creeping northward. There are prominent landmarks, including an powerline tower which especially provide static features to allow a comparison.

The City's Public Works and Parks Departments have looked into this situation. According to an official of the Public Works department "the city agrees there is no need to increase the working surface of the facility beyond it's current extent," he indicated in an 18 March 2014 email. "The Departments involved with the use of the site will review operational procedures and enact any measures necessary to ensure the material storage and recycling site footprint is not increased in size."

Since no further dirt work will occur at the northern edge of this site, the current bare earth banks will be planted to stabilize them and to prevent any erosion onto the vegetation to the north. Some native seed will be planted this spring, according to the Public Works official. This will help to stabilize the banks, screen the site features (which are dramatically elevated above the park terrain), perhaps grow to a height to help stop blowing dust from the barren ground of the site on dry days when there is a strong south wind, and add an attractive feature to the landscape.

Pictures of the scene taken 20 March 2014.

Trees which were partially buried due to expansion of the material storage and recycling site.

An additional example of partial tree burial due to expansion of the material storage and recycling site.

This is a view of the "southwest meadow" of Levi Carter Park, which is a unique habitat at this place.