08 March 2014

When is it Time to Give-up on a Bicycle?

My main ride was not working so well, so it was taken to the local bicycle shop for repairs. It had been there earlier for an evaluation, so the extent of needed fixes was obvious and indicated as being significant.

When it was brought into the shop on March 7th, the prominent perspective from the shop staff was that the money that would be spent on repairs could buy a new bike. They did not, however, have one that could be purchased for less than $200, suggesting that a this price point might be found in some department store.

Fix this aged Giant bicycle was the reply and request. It has been ridden for decades and now is not the time to ignore it. The subsequent work done by the bicycle repair man included replacing the chain, getting rid of the old worn-out seat, replacing the front tire, improving the brakes, and adjusting the gears. When they got paid, my change was two cents.

It was quite nice to leave the shop at 40th and Hamilton Street — with the repair done in a day — and go along without unwanted noises when the essential brakes were used. The ugly seat was gone. The replaced parts were left at the shop, since maybe someone else might use them for some alternative purpose, since apparently some people utilize them for artistic endeavors, according to the guy there in the store.

A well-filled bag of aluminum cans was gathered during the walk to the store, and along the route back to the neighborhood. Its been a long winter and there were lots of discards along the way to gather.

Most importantly, the bicycle is repaired and working well. With spring soon to occur, the getting along will be much nicer. The ride on this aged bike will be well appreciated, time and again, as it has already been.