21 July 2014

Feds Investigating Wildbirds Being Killed at Omaha

A local bird enthusiast indicated on a recent morning a few second-hand details that some midtown Omaha residents had killed several hundred wildbirds.

The details given were that the birds, especially blackbirds, had been killed by people of a foreign nationality at area lakes by use of a slingshot. Also, hundreds of carcasses had been found in a resident's freezer. Multiple people were involved. There was also the indication that a $40,000 fine had been levied.

It seemed like rumor, so on a later visit, he was asked again about this, and the details remained the same.

To learn more about this, and since birds are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, enforced by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, an email was sent to the Nebraska Field office as an inquiry.

The response received indicated that an "active investigation was underway" so no details could be provided.

Since their is an investigation underway, this indicates the veracity of the report. Rumor seems to be fact...

Results of this investigation by a public agency should eventually be made available to the public, not only for informational purposes, but to understand the whys and hows of how the killings occurred, and how they might be prevented?

The likelihood of the F.W.S. releasing any details, does however seem unlikely.