04 August 2014

Bird Research in Western Nebraska

In the summer of 1980 while employed with the Nebraska game agency, some time was spent doing raptor work in the Pine Ridge area. The primary responsibility was watching prairie falcon nests, and documenting what they were feeding young. There was also the opportunity to visit the Badlands and Agate Fossil Beds National Monument in Sioux county.

A fine looking rattlesnake seen along the road at Agate Fossil Beds NM.

View of a hill at Agate Fossil Beds NM.

Some local flora at Agate Fossil Beds NM.

Checking nests of raptors on the buttes of the Pine Ridge. Greg Wingfield on the left, and Ross Lock on the right.

Ferruginous Hawk nesting in Sioux county.

Toadstool Park perspective.