25 August 2014

Habitat Restoration Sign Added at Elmwood Biogardens

While going past the CSO biogarden site on 23 August, a new sign that was vividly obvious at its north end. The message was basically indicating that the landscape space was a habitat restoration area and mowing would not occur.

Habitat restoration area seems to be some sort of new linguistics in city parlance. It is a grand thing for public officials to realize that there is more to the urban landscape than turf and trees. This bit of signage is indicative of landscape diversity, a feature so essential to any place.

The sign is a useful way to indicate to the public that the grass will not be mown. White markers have already been present to indicate boundaries on mowing.

The new sign reinforces the situation and intent associated with this green space. It may look unkempt but that is the purpose! And, as previously reported, the area is a wonderful place for flora, and some birds also appreciate the habitat features. The new sign even seems to feature a representational hummingbird.

The new sign is an important feature to indicate why the unmown grass is intentional, so the general public can realize that tall grass is a good thing, and not due to some lack of attention.

No information is available in regards to whom put up the sign. It was probably Omaha Parks, but the project is totally associated with Omaha Public Works. The sign was not present two weeks ago,

Whomever put it in place, the new sign further indicates an important feature in Elmwood Park, the blooming biogardens as a result of the Omaha CSO project.