25 August 2014

Red-tailed Hawk Thrills Carthage Men

[Red-tailed Hawk feeding on a rabbit carcass]

Urban Red-tailed Hawk, ripping on a rabbit carcass in the Carthage area, June 2008.

Some of the regulars that linger outside the convenience mart in north Carthage apparently had quite a thrill on Friday, August 22. A Red-tailed Hawk had swooped down on something edible and as the men of the hood sat and watched, this bird of prey ate its meal upon the grass near where the guys sit on the north side of the building. Once the bird finished feeding, according to Walt, the bird man at the scene, it then perched on the adjacent fence, and then flew a short ways to another perch on the fence.

During this summer season, Walt has been giving particular attention to the hawks of this neighborhood. He could tell you where they perch, and times when seen soaring above this urban landscape. Even the distinctive call of this raptor is part of the lore.

One of the men took photographs of the hawk. This event is indicative of how this species now lives and survives amidst an urban setting, and is even able to raise young.

Some years ago, a pair of red-tailed Hawks raised two young just east of the University of Nebraska at Omaha. It was quite spectacular to see the juvenile hawks among the trees of north Elmwood Park.

It is quite nice that hawks thrive in urban Omaha, and can be appreciated by the community.