10 November 2014

Sunday Outing at Levi Carter Park

Sunday, November 9th was a fine morning so much of the hours were spent bicycling about Levi Carter Park and local environs, looking around and doing a bird survey as well.

Geese Awaiting Transfer

The flock of seven Toulouse geese that hang around Kiwanis Park are waiting for their seasonal transport to warmer winter settings. They are to be moved to winter quarters at N.P. Dodge Park, according to Brook Bench, director of Omaha Parks and Recreation. The birds are expected to be moved by Thanksgiving.

Hybrid Goose

An unusual hyrid goose was noticed among a flock of Canada geese and a single Toulouse Goose foraging on the grass next to the lake at the southeast portion of the park. Its parentage is not known.

Tire Disposal

The usual thrown away tire present at the park was much greater than usual at the north parking lot, near the boat dock. The number in this pile will be added to the 501 already that have been hauled away by park staff, since January 1, 2014.

Dirtwork at Public Works Facility

These are several views of the dirtwork being done along Carter Lake Boulevard by the Omaha Public Works Facility, at their debris holding facility.

The Corps of Engineers is requiring Omaha Public Works to mitigate for previously placing fill in wetlands, yet this very recent dirtwork appears to be doing more of the same. The cattails are an obvious indication of a wetland.

Trash Removal

The final task of the morning, and the visit, was to remove some trash from the northwest pond, natural wildlife area. Most of it was along the railroad tracks, and either newspaper or plastic.

Bloviating Political Candidates

These political candidate signs indicate how politicians are so full of hot air. A city of Omaha ordinance requires timely removal of this sort of trash real soon after the elections, but that obviously is not being done. This group is eastward of 45th and Hamilton Street, adjacent to the playground of Walnut Hill School, while bicycling past, and also while removing aluminum trash from the city streets. Signs go up quick, but can be removed so slow, and sometimes it takes a local resident to finally do the job!