24 July 2015

Attentive Library Staff at UNO a Treasure

This is an expression of heartfelt gratitude for some staff at Criss Library. After troubles getting information transferred from a portable hard drive to a DVR recordable disc on Thursday, another attempt was made during Friday morning, July 24, 2015. There were some more thwarts during the effort.

It started with having to get change since there were constrictions on needing some particular legal tender for another vending machine. Then the adjacent change machine was out of order. Change to suitable bills was , however, promptly provided at the circulation desk upstairs.

Going back downstairs, the machine with the needed DVR discs was not working. Another trek of stairs ensued to inquire at the circulation desk.

What followed is something that can only be appreciated. What happened was done in a professional, personal and exemplary manner. Once it was realized that the vending machine was not working, several staff members made a huge difference (do not want to be discriminatory or misspell a personal name, so apologies for not including them). There was several folks that deserve recognition for providing assistance, comments, and even a few nice words and going beyond on a task they decided was right in providing service.

They did then indicate that the vending machine was not working, despite it being "worked" to address the problem. The thing was completely inoperational.

Rather than make excuses, they provided alternatives. Now, that is attention to service.

Then, when further issues arose, step-by-step each was resolved. The computer steps, after a personal hitch, worked just great. When it comes to data, mistakes just don't work.

The efforts of the library staff were a special response that could be used to define service because of what they did.

Recognition is needed and that is the purpose of this missive. Also, a huge THANK YOU. So many thanks to Criss Library staff at the University of Nebraska-Omaha for what they have done for me as a patron, and certainly for the multitude of others that rely on this community space to learn and further knowledge.

If it was up to me and there was a suitable option, I’d buy each of the wonderful staff a tasty ice-cream cone on this hot day of July. May their day be special.