26 July 2015

Bugly Action at Memorial Park in Omaha

While intent on taking floral pictures at the rose garden at Memorial Park, there was no realization of the bugly activity going on amidst many of the rose blossoms. Only later, when looking at the photographs was the extent of their bug activity blatantly evident. They were certainly being active in their antics.

This image was especially surprising in its result. A gold-headed bug. Have not seen one of them before.

The quality of the conditions meant that more than 450 pictures were taken during the late afternoon and evening. It was a first to completely drain all of the juice from a fully charged camera battery.

Only a portion of the pictures taken still remain. Editing meant multiple deletions and with a cantankerous camera, well sometimes an image is just worthless.

The blooming flowers are a great attraction in various ways. During my visit, there was a wedding couple and their giggly photographer. Then there was some event with people looking for art pieces (for whom a group photo was taken) among which was the metal art-work in the middle of this distinctive Omaha garden. It was Saturday (July 25th), which helps explain the ongoing antics. Nearby residents were walking about as well with a couple strolling among the many sorts of roses. At least two buses as needed to move many people came and went. There were limousines as well taking up space for a while.

An identification on the particular species of the busy bugs would be appreciated, but will certainly need some further consideration.

The bugs in the pictures are the Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica), according to Steven Spomer, research entomologist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, adding in a late July email that "they are all over Omaha now."

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