12 February 2016

Viaero Response to Comments on Arabia Tower

These are the responses provided to pre-hearing comments by a “site acquisition specialist” for Viaero Wireless as provided to the Cherry county zoning administrator. The comments are based upon a February 4, 2016 document provided to this county office prior to a public hearing of the county planning board. Each item noted in the per-hearing document was individually considered.
The following is a verbatim response to indicated questions.

"Subject: VIAERO WIRELESS Valentine, NE Southeast Site

"In response to Mr. Ducey's List of Questions (see attached numbered Questions,) I am responding with the following Answers.

"1. The Site is somewhat ½ way between our Valentine Site and Wood Lake Site where Frequency Strength needs to be centrally improved.
"2. An Alternate Location is not needed if a Landowner is open-minded to the improvement being close to his/her Headquarters, Hwy. 20 & Cowboy Trail where the Public can depend on the GSM Network.
"3. Viaero Wireless has a Programmatic Agreement with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife. U.S. Fish & Wildlife does not have any concerns if we follow their requirements.
"4. Nebraska Game and Parks were contacted. * See executed Cowboy Trail Crossing License and Nebraska Game and Parks Commission Cowboy Trail Encroaching License Agreement.’
"5. The impact is to the Publics’ Advantage where the increased Frequency Strength will improve the performance of the Hand-Held Device if they are a GSM Customer.
"6. Yes, the Improvement will be seen from Hwy. 20 and Cowboy Trail.
"7. FAA's Determination Letter states the Tower does not need to be lighted/marked and is safe for Air Navigation. Motion Lights will be installed on the Aggregate Building.
"8. I am not aware of the Number of Sites, but w/the size of Cherry County, NOT ENOUGH!
"9. I am not aware of the different Types of Towers and Monopoles in Cherry County. They were all constructed to meet Local, State & Federal Guidelines.
"10. 'Degradation' is a Term from Personalities 'Attitude', if not proven. Personally, there is not much difference of a Cell Tower, Wind Generator, Gran Bin Facility w/a tall Elevator Leg, Electrical Substations, Etc. ..., when comparing their needed Uses and Benefits.
"11. U.S. Fish & Wildlife has studies on this item. If they were concerned, we would've received correspondence from them.
"12. U.S. Fish & Wildlife is aware of this item. If they were concerned, we would've received correspondence from them. This Tower will not have any Guyed Wires.

"I am looking forward to the rescheduled Planning Commission's Public Hearing with their Recommendation forwarded to the County Board of Supervisors."

The planning board will meet on February 22nd, at 4:00 p.m. at the county office building.