12 February 2016

Questions Regarding Proposed Arabia Locality Cellular Tower

Prepared by James E. Ducey of Valentine; for the February 2, 2016 hearing of the Cherry County Planning Board, as based upon the application for a conditional use permit.

After reviewing the application for placement of a cellular tower by Nebraska Colorado Cellular (d.b.a. Viaero Wireless), it is apparent that several factors in regards to the proposed tower siting have not been addressed. The following items should be suitably addressed in association with the permit request, before a permit is issued.

How was the location for the proposed Arabia tower determined?

Were alternative locations considered for tower placement so it would be further from the Cowboy Trail?

What sort of environmental review was conducted for the proposed tower (i.e., refer to review done by the Fish and Wildlife Service for Verizon cellular tower at Crookston)?

Since the tower is adjacent to the Cowboy Trail, has the applicant contacted the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission for their view in regards to the tower being placed near a trail parking lot used by many visitors to this important county resource?

How has the applicant evaluated the impact(s) of the cellular tower on features associated with the Cowboy Trail?

Will the ground facilities and fencing be visible from the Cowboy Trail, and/or Highway 20?

Will there be security lighting at the ground facilities? If so, how will lighting be minimized to reduce light pollution (i.e., down-shielded or motion-sensored)?

How many Viaero cellular towers are located in Cherry county?

How many are self-supporting, and how many have guy wire support?

How has Viaero mitigated for the degradation of values associated with these towers, as well as the proposed Arabia tower (i.e., landscape view degradation; or, degradation in dark sky settings for which the sandhills is nationally recognized)?

Has Viaero evaluated the cumulative impact of these towers on birds protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act?

How will Viaero comply with avoiding impacts to migratory birds during disturbance during construction of the tower at the Arabia locality?