24 February 2008

Naturistic Sketches of Youthful Enthusiasm

Evoked among some sketched views is the young biologist, show in a scene reminiscent of many a moment for various kid's experiencing some outdoors time.

Scenes are shown directly by Jack Sampson - the Sandhills Draughtsman - in an evocative charcoal-media sketch of realities long since past throughout the modern millenium.

The youngster looks closely at a part of the outdoors, is this case a turtle of certain distinction ... a place with some of nature's wild.

Young Biologist. 2001.

Another scene is an especial work of great accomplishment, shows kids capturing drops of falling rain, while the three walk along their way. There is the intimate reality of the fresh moisture direct from the sky, in the apparent effort, so well rendered by Mr. Sampson, a celebrated resident of western Nebraska.

Tasting Raindrops. 2001.

These moments are timeless, yet more seemingly remote during present times.

Images used with artist's permission.

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