17 June 2009

Bird-motif Design in Crop Field at Barbury Castle, UK

Design of bird-motif glyph in a crop field in the United Kingdom. Image replicated based on aerial photograph.

Another new design that dramatically appeared in a barley field at Barbury Castle, in the United Kingdom had caused quite a stir among the aficionados of crop circles.

After the presentation of a profound and intricate "phoenix" design on June 12th, near the splendid, dragonfly of a few days earlier, just two days after the "fire-bird" the simple but elegant "Aztec Spirit Bird" appeared.

There has been a hearty discussion of this design, with additional graphics presented that conform the design with a Mayan motif, and suggesting connections with the Mayan calendar, projected to end a cycle in December 2012.

Other comments correlate the design with the "thunderbird" motif of Native Americans.

In a review of historic rock art and petroglyphs for North America, there were no direct similarities. There are similar themes in the simple design features of a beaked bird and outspread wings.

The general aspect of the design in the UK field is very similar to the simple lines used in portrayals of birds in the historic designs known to occur in North America.

Whatever the considerations, the design is especially unique and special, fitting in with the naturalistic motif of other recent designs. Although its particular message is open to a myriad of perspectives, the presentation of such a wonderous and dramatic, large bird design is worthy of the attention and consideration.

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