21 June 2009

Swift's Industrial Setting at 43rd Avenue and Izard Street

Upon arrival on the bicycle from down the hill, there were first the super-fine aerial antics of three nighthawks against the lessening blue.

Robin and nighthawk scene of the evening from the front stoop of industry. Also about were grackles prominent in their black, going southward. Starlings seen once in awhile a couple of times, flapping along to where they were going.

Such expression in the skies. Here and there the swifts flit about. How sweet as they convey such special aerial thrills so smoothly shown with their inherent acrobatic skills.

Threes and twos. Then small bunches focus into their towering roost. Above is still the flap-quick-pause - repeated again and again - of the nightjar beholding to some local roof-top?

More bug-eaters gather and swoop together into and beyond a distinct sunset. Such splendor they convey during another Friday evening.

First one in at dusk, solely for a while. Then a companion, and after so many more twitters - by birds against the blues of the encroaching night - there is the swift drops of each bird into the brick shelter of the night. One, than a few at the prominent east chimney over there on Izard Street. Down the shoddy street to the west, and a bit off into the south, near the enticing horizon many more were gathered about that subdued, and obviously beneficial stack of aged bricks.

Most of the swifts roosted in that place over beyond a first place of repose to get views. A few than a bunch and more gathered, and some of the swift also came about and some then others disappeared into the unseen recess of the Qwest maintenance facility, on the west side of 43rd Avenue, at Izard, upon a height over Cuming.

Chimney scene along Izard Street, midtown Omaha.

Count details indicate a half-dozen or so into the chimney first watched, then at least 92 into the west place, which brought its own version of undivided attention to see an obviously well-done display of diving, one bird, then one bird, each one that followed at its chosen time. Then a splurge of several to get the gathering well underway, and until the whole bunch were getting settled together in the depths of the chimneys, here and elsewhere not seen.

The local evening's exhibition was finished by 9:15 p.m., after sense and nuance.

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